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We welcome the latest small businesses that have created their free Buy Local listing. Click on their logo to see their profile.

Australian Small Businesses

The heart and soul of every local community

Small Businesses - The heart and soul of local communities

Small businesses are the largest employers of local people and biggest supporters of local community.

Small businesses provide work experience for local school kids, after school work for teenagers and uni students, prizes for the local school raffles and sponsorship of local sporting and youth clubs.

When you Buy Local you are strengthening the fabric of your local community.

Bayside Extensions

India Tour Company

CT Labour Hire Pty Ltd

Compliance Engineering

Domain Caravans

IDCE Wheels & Tyres

Keep Well Buy Local Movement

The Keep Well Buy Local Movement was born at the start of the pandemic. The Team Small Business Australia was formed with the foundation partners including Australia Post, NAB, Telstra, Snap Printing and PEXA.

By keeping well we can ensure that we can look after our families, our communities and our employers and team members. In keeping well and buying local we can keep the “hearts and souls’ of local communities, the small business families, in business through and after the pandemic.

Since those early days many additional organisations have become Partners and have reinforced and amplified the Keep Well Buy Local message among their teams, suppliers and customers.

Proud Founding Partners*

Buy Local Small Business Australia initiative

Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Australia Post
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - NAB
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Telstra
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - News Corp Australia
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Snap
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - PEXA

Proud Supporting Partners*

Interested in becoming a supporting partner?

*The Partner organisations have provided permission to use their logo to show their support for the Buy Local Small Business Australia initiative.

Why small businesses should get involved

A growing number of Australians want to be able to easily find your business and buy from you. Some want to be able to research, shop and pay online. The pandemic has shown us that having a digital strategy that helps these customer deal with you can be the difference between profits and losses. These customers could be anywhere in Australia, not just living or working a few blocks away

Your Free Buy Local listing helps all customers find local businesses they can support. These days a simple website or social media page is not enough. Your Free Buy Local listing will also help search engines put your business in front of customers “googling” what you sell and where you are.

By keeping your Buy Local listing up to date about things like holiday hours or other business information ensures customers who may telephone or visit your business are not disappointed or frustrated because the information online is incorrect.

Why locals should get involved

When you and your family Buy Local from the businesses here at Buy Local you are directly contributing to the ongoing strength and resilience of local businesses and the community organisations they support.

Local businesses need your direct support, as of January 2022 over 1 in 2 small businesses are reporting declining incomes. Over the last 2 years, many have had to close permanently, many still operating have taken on additional loans, many have used their savings and super to stay afloat.

Small businesses need your help throughout 2022 and beyond. If you are buying online or by telephone – select Australian based and owned small businesses – many now sell online and deliver their products and services using great Australian owned delivery and internet service providers. If you are in the neighbourhood, drop in, buy local and tell these small businesses that you “Buy Local” whenever you can.

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